faith /fāTH/ noun – Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
bark /bärk/ noun – To utter in a loud voice.


volunteerFaithBark, Inc. like most dog organizations, need volunteers…all the time. Without volunteers, we would never be able to accomplish what we are here to do. Networking is the most important task, from asking people to join the FaithBark, Chance Ranch/Bandit’s Bandaid & Pawctions web sites, putting them on our RESCUE MAP (very important), to writing articles, supporting our events (online or on location), contests and everything in between, there is a need for volunteers. This is where (hopefully) you come in. Our main objective is to obtain volunteers from most, if not all of the states in the country. This allows us spread the word, on what needs to be done to help as many dogs as we can. As I am sure most of you know, it can be quite frustrating when you want to help an animal, but are not close enough to do it.

Because we are a new 501(c)(3), we are looking for volunteers in all facets of the organization. Everything from clerical to sales, minimal time to full time. Whatever talents or availability you can offer will be greatly appreciated. There will be more and more positions available within FaithBark, Inc. As each Chance Ranch is built, not only will more volunteer positions become available, but paid positions as well and we will look first at our volunteers to fill them. At that time we will review the volunteers that have helped us and offer some of them paid roles with FaithBark, Inc. If you want to help FaithBark, Inc. grow and are willing to volunteer some time, please fill out the form below. Thank you.