faith /fāTH/ noun – Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
bark /bärk/ noun – To utter in a loud voice.


What is FaithBark, Inc?

FaithBark Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is incorporated in Florida and provides services throughout the United States. Our Mission is to provide support for all breeds of dogs so that they can live happy, healthy lives in the loving environment that every dog deserves.

Where can I go to get information about FaithBark?

Information can be found on our website, FaithBark also has a community page on Facebook.

What is the difference between the website and the website? is the website for our organization. is a social media website similar to Facebook but specifically for dog lovers. Unlike Facebook, dog profiles are encouraged, as is having fun and sharing information.

What are FaitthBark’s programs and services?

FaithBark oversees:

• Bandit’s Bandaid, a fund to assist with medical emergencies and major medical expenses for all breeds of dogs. Assistance is determined based upon financial need of the applicant.
• Rescue Central, a program to assist with the rescuing and transporting of dogs from shelters.
• Chance Ranch, a program of sanctuaries to be built in the future, starting in Florida, as a safe haven for dogs pulled from kill shelters.
• Pawctions, a shopping site similar to eBay and Etsy where people can sell or auction items to make money while also helping to support FaithBark Inc.

How much of the money donated to Bandit’s Bandaid actually goes to pay medical expenses?

Ninety-five percent of the funds donated to Bandit’s Bandaid go to pay medical bills including the costs of surgery, hospital stays, check ups and evaluations, physical therapy, medications and medical equipment including carts. A majority of the five percent that is withheld goes towards PayPal fees and the remaining helps to offset the cost of the website and other overhead expenses.

If I donate directly to the FaithBark, Inc., website, what are my donations used for?

Donations to FaithBark, which are tax deductible, are used to help pay for overhead expenses such as maintaining our websites and promoting our programs and services. There is no paid staff or physical headquarters so overhead costs are minimal.

How can I become more involved with FaithBark or one of it’s programs?

FaithBark is always looking for volunteers to help us with our mission. There are a number of committees that people can serve on, and those who are truly committed can also join our Board of Directors. And we are always appreciative when people spread the word about our organization and our fundraisers! To volunteer your time to FaithBark, or one of our programs, please visit our Volunteers page.