faith /fāTH/ noun – Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
bark /bärk/ noun – To utter in a loud voice.

Board of Directors

Lisa Lucania

Founder | Executive Director

A native New Yorker, Lisa is a former chef turned freelance web developer, who now lives in beautiful Southwest Florida. She has always been a seeker of truth and proponent for human rights and humane treatments of all animal kind. She is the proud parent of two adorable pups; Mr. Corgi Waddlebutt and Baylee, both of whom you can meet on Faithbark;.

Her interests are many, but her creative talents lean towards, cooking and web design. Her passion for dogs, and the computer, lead to the FaithBark concept being born.

Carol Young


Carol Young has 35 years of experience working in the local government and non-profit sectors. She supervised staff and administrative services, and managed millions of dollars from public and private sources for the the municipal governments of Los Angeles and San Diego. Upon moving to Indiana in 2008, Carol directed the operations of non-profit organizations focusing on healthcare and youth.

Carol and her husband have rescued a number of cats and dogs of various breeds over the years, and they became members of Corgi Nation after adopting Bandit from a local rescue in 2011. Bandit passed away very unexpectedly during routine teeth cleaning surgery in 2013, leading to the naming of FaithBark’s Bandit’s Bandaid fund in his memory. They have since adopted two more Corgis, Joplin and April. Carol joined FaithBark’s BOD in 2012.

Cheryl Justice

Fundraising Coordinator

Cheryl Justice hails from the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. She is an accomplished musician who has mastered playing several musical instruments and has toured Europe, Canada, and the United States. She now resides in Las Vegas and performs her music at many of the casinos and musical venues and teaches guitar, bass guitar, vocals and piano to students of all ages.

Cheryl’s love for animals started at an early age growing up on a farm in Ohio where one of the family pets was an owl that Cheryl adored. That love of animals led to her breeding Siberian Huskies when she was living in California. After relocating to Las Vegas Cheryl rescued a young Pembroke Welsh Corgi from the animal shelter. Cricket was a very sick boy with a severe case of heartworms. Over the 10 years that Cheryl had Cricket she dealt with numerous health problems including Cushing’s Disease, bladder stones and multiple spinal disk injuries. Cheryl knows all too well how quickly these kinds of problems can come up, and how expensive they can be to deal with.

Because of the support Cheryl received while dealing with Cricket’s health challenges she has wanted to pay it forward. For the last couple of years Cheryl as been assisted individuals needing help with private fundraiser and promoting the Supporting Corgis auctions. More recently she has worked with the Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue in California and assisting Bandit’s Bandaid with fundraising. And she is now the proud owner of another Corgi named Aubrey. Cheryl joins FaithBark’s Board with the idea of growing the organization’s resources so that it will be the first place that people go when they need help with a dog rescue or a serious health issue.